Worship with us

Worship times during the Coronavirus Pandemic period

We all sometimes needs space to think, or time to pray or just a change of location; so starting this weekend (Saturday 21st March 2020), the worship centre (church) will be open each day from 10.00 am to 12 noon for space to think, pray and recharge, I and some of the church team will be on duty. If you read this but cannot come when we’re open, I encourage you to pray for and with (or think about) the people who come to your mind in a very clear way.
If you were going to ask God to help achieve something, what would that be? If you were asking God to be with someone, why would that be? The church has a prayer book and pattern of prayer, drop in when we’re open, add a name or situation to the book and know that just in that simple act you are helping the community and the Kingdom of God be more obviously present in some way.

Many will miss the Sunday Worship experience, we cannot sensibly replicate that, but we do intend to use a Facebook live stream to offer a short service of thought, prayer and reflection or story at 10.30 on Sunday mornings. We’ll tell you if we use another platform. Why not share the moment.
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Worship is a key part of our church life …

We offer a variety of different services each week, each with its own distinctive style, catering for different needs. Refreshments are available after our Sunday morning services, offering space for people to meet and share fellowship with one another.

Friday half hour service (11.30am)

Normally This service, held in our main church building, is viewed by many as an oasis in the middle of the week. The service is led by a wide range of people, with prayer as an important feature, along with space to reflect.

Sunday morning worship (10.30am)

Normally held in our main church building, morning worship varies from the informal praise-led service to something more traditional and yet relaxed, using the musical skills of our choir and worship band.

Sunday evening worship (6.00pm)

Normally held in our main church building, Sunday evening worship offers a variety including inormal, ioan, celtic and café worship. Communion is celebrated monthly.

Communion is celebrated monthly.

Children and young people are welcome in worship and normally leave after 20 minutes for Junior Church. A crèche is also available.