Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement: This brief summary statement is a partial reflection of our continuing commitment to the community during this uncertain and worrying time.

The heart of Brighouse Central Methodist Church (BCMC) rests with and within the heart of the communities of Brighouse and surrounding areas. We are privileged to know that the heart of many in the community rests with and within the work that Brighouse Central Methodist Church does.

Working within the Coronavirus restrictions and guidance BCMC continues to serve the community in many ways.

Brighouse Central Foodbank will be open this Friday 1pm-3pm as usual. Foodbank will be accepting deliveries Tuesday and Friday between 9am and 12pm. Updates, requests for help, donations of food, money and prayer will appear with regularity. Working in tandem with other local charities we each endeavour to offer a helping hand to those in greatest need. We know you will understand that sometimes this will mean hard choices, please understand this and be patient with us.

Many will miss the Sunday Worship experience, we cannot sensibly replicate that, but we do intend to use a Facebook live stream to offer a short service of thought, prayer and reflection or story at 10.30 on Sunday mornings. We’ll tell you if we use another platform. Why not share the moment.

We shall facilitate a very limited number of other vital, core tasks as regulations permit.

Looking after each other well remains vital, if you would like to know how we try to do this, please get in touch.

Contact Rev Mark:

Knowing the heart of the Brighouse community as we do, we know that there will be many acts of random kindness already just happening.
If you, ‘tell us about a recent act of kindness offered or experienced’ we might be able to share some with the community on this facebook feed.

Our Music Academy is going to move online where possible. See regular facebook updates for more info or email

Our children’s work is going to move online where possible. This will remain a regulated working environment for us so that the young people involved can safely engage and have fun. Updates through facebook or reach out to Jodi, our children and families worker:


Every Blessing,

Rev Mark