In the busy and chaotic times in which we live and work we can easily be distracted from God. Our monthly prayer meeting is time set aside to give opportunity for the church family to step away from the chaos and turn our attention to heaven.Whether you are familiar with a praying community or never prayed yourself this is an easy place to come and find space to reflect, listen, offer prayers of thanksgiving and prayer requests.

Prayer is a creative opportunity to help us focus our thoughts and prayers. For example over Christmas we used each of our Christmas tree displays as prayer stations to encourage creative prayer. If such creative space isn’t for you and you would rather pray silently on your own then that is perfectly fine too.

As a church which is committed to prayer as a foundation of our work we are proudly involved with the Thy Kingdom Come prayer movement and look forward to sharing more about this with you.

As Christians believe that God answers prayer. That is not to say that we always get what we want. We have found that offering our concerns to God helps us to have a new sense of peace about every situation. We live in a world that is at times troubled and our society has many problems. We face difficulties in our own families, in our own homes, in our personal lives.Perhaps there is something that you would like to pray about but you are not sure how to begin. Or, perhaps there is something that you are already praying about but you would like others to share that with you. We would like to help.

Prayer is also about giving thanks, rejoicing and celebrating the good that we experience, recognise and become aware of during our lives.

Whatever is on your mind, we invite you to share it with us.

Prayer requests will be included in our regular weekly Friday 11.30am service and/or our prayer meeting.